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Lazeez-E-Fish Dum Biryani (Boneless)

Khoobbhalo! Kolkata-style spiced fried fish laid on a bed of long-grain flavored Basmati rice and a combination of Bengali-style masalas to tickle your taste buds. We source our fresh water fish from the best places in India. We use the freshest of ingredients. We prepare our food keeping all hygiene norms and standards in place. Our recipes have been developed keeping the authentic taste of Kolkata biryani intact. Our spices are sourced from across the country and are hand-ground for full flavour and aroma. The slow-cook method ensures that the spices open up to reveal aroma that tingles your senses. This dish is served with cool mint raita..

Serves with Raita (Serves 1-2) ½ Kilo

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